Why Firewatch isn’t just an adventure game

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

If you haven’t play Firewatch yet, don’t worry. I’ll try to discuss about the game avoiding spoilers as much as possible. Firewatch is a game developed by Campo Santo, released in 2016 & this game Is available in PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. This game is available for Windows, Mac and Linux Operating System for PC.

Let’s see what this game is about. The game starts with a blur screen with some text telling us about the circumstances of the main character Henry’s (You) life. After some little details of the situation of Henry’s life the game tells how He became a fire watchman on top of mountain in a lookout tower into the wild.

Your job is to stay there & watch for any fire in the forest & inform the authority accordingly. Beside this wild mountain rocks, lakes, caves and forest you have only one companion, Delilah in another lookout tower far away from you. There is a walkie-talkie radio only through which you can talk to her.

This was a temporary escape for Henry from his messy life about which you would find out in the first part of the game. Here in the wild you’ll eventually forget about all your life’s problem and you can explore the wild mountain as much as you want.

So, up-to this the game seems like a simple adventure game, right?

Yes, this seems like but this is not just an adventure game to explore the wilderness of mountain forest and revealing the secrets hidden inside the dark caves between the deep mountains.

This is a game about exploring yourself. This is a game about knowing yourself & this is an adventure exploration game inside your mind.

Let’s see how.

This game shows how important it is to interact with human and what happens when you have no one to share your problems. How you try to find an escape from your life’s problem even for a short time & how vulnerable you can feel when you have no one to put your trust on. It is a game to make you feel what Henry feels. It is a game to portrait yourself. Sometimes a stranger can be your best friend who can teach you the most valuable lesson of your life and sometimes you find out something so unexpected which may change the way you see your life.

This is a game where Henry’s story is not his own story. In one point you must feel like you are the one who is going through the problems & ‘Henry’ is just a name to represent your impulses and the sorrow you want to hide from the world. You may realize that it is the subconscious you who was actually searching for an escape from some misery and was so alone that you can share your story with a stranger just because you don’t have anyone to tell your story.

At the end of the game you will feel no different than Henry & the emotions you would feel through his voice is no different than the emotion you would be feeling at that moment and I think that is the success of a story.

Firewatch let you peek in your own mind beyond the horizon you have ever tried to see. Firewatch may be a game which may bring out you the darkest and deepest imotion of your life.

Firewatch is a small game with a big story.

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If you really think this game worth your time, please give it a try

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