Vampyr - An eternal Nightmare before the dawn [No-spoiler]

Now what is the first thing comes to your mind when you see the name, ‘Vampyr’?

Obviously, The one thing-

That the spelling is wrong….

Well If I were you I would have asked this question first but the fact is, this spelling is not wrong neither the spelling ‘Vampire’ is wrong.

Then what is the play?

The thing is, this is not a story of vampire, rather it’s a story of vampyr

Well, I know you are confused.

Let’s clear the blood spilled on the table and understand what are we talking about exactly.

What is Vampire?

Vampire is a fictional character who hunts his/her pray at night as sunlight can burn their skin and bone. There are different types of vampires but the common thing in them which proves them as vampires is, they live by drinking blood. Blood of other living beings or another vampire’s.

Vampires are alive as well as dead too. If one vampire wishes to create another vampire some specific procedures must be followed while biting the fellow and then the fellow human could be turned into a vampire but to become a vampire you must die as a human. Vampire is like a rebirth inside a nightmare because daylight is a curse for them.

Then what is Vampyre?

There are so many answers for this question.

Some say vampyre is the ancient spelling of vampire. So, it could be called as the origin spelling of vampire.

Some say vampyre is just an artistic way to write it like to use this as a book title, like it was used in 1819, a book nemd ‘Vampyre’ by John William Polidori. So It maybe just an eye-catchy way to highlight the word.

Some also say vampire is a fictional character whereas vampyre is an actual person who feels he/she have to possess energy form other’s body like drinking other’s blood or by consuming other’s emotional and mental energy.

But the most interesting fact I’ve found is, Vampyre is just a special type of vampire. Vampyre means a mortal vampire.

Why use ‘Vampyr’ in the name instead of ‘Vampire’?

As of the different opinion behind Vampyre spelling, I don’t have any clear answer to this question but possibly it because of the game’s period which is 1918 after World War 1, so they might use an older version of the word ‘vampire’ or maybe it's just because it’s an eye-catchy name. But the most convincing answer to me is the last one which is, Vampyre is a mortal vampire.

In this game, we not only see the vamyre is mortal physically but this game proves some deeper ironical meaning of being ‘DEAD’. A vampire is a creature which is already a dead person or maybe called a half-dead person with a life of nightmare, living with a curse of thirst for blood; but all these are not enough to be ‘dead’.

I think death has a more ironic meaning in this game. So, there is a high chance that’s why the name of the game is Vampyr. And this name came from Vampyre and written as vampyr (removed the last ‘e’) maybe for sake of making the name artistic.

As I’m not going to discuss the story because that may be a spoiler somehow so let’s discuss why this game maybe different than what you are expecting.

Vampire, an evil creature, born from a breath-taking pain and suffering to death. Their life is nothing but a journey on the path covered with darkness,their a cruel guilty pleasure in killing, hiding from light to survive. What a curse, maybe even more painful than a death. A never-ending thirst for blood, a symbol of suffering and pain, and an image of nature’s cruelty, the opposite side of our magnificent life. Is this all about them? Just a miserable lifespan of compensating an eternal hunger, an ever-spreading disease?

The price to pay to stay immortal, is a bigger metaphor than the pain of a death

Well maybe you are right but here it’s something more.

If you believe that God created us all then vampires are no different than us. They are also a being; a creation of God just like us. Just the opposite side of life, a life of suffering. Are they even evil indeed or it’s just a perspective of us?

What is evil? What is good? What is right and what is wrong? What is light and what is dark?

Are these distinctions even exist or these are just an illusion of perspective we never understood because we never walked in someone’s shoes before judging them?

This game may make you question yourself about your belief.

This is a game of multiple ending, so obviously, your actions will determine the ending which you may reach. The way you play, the way you interact, and the decisions you make will have consequences and not only your words but your actions will define the person you are.

Now it’s time to answer the big question, What is signified here by Vampyre, a mortal vampire?

To answer this question we must ask ourselves, what is death?

To lose your physical existence from this world? Is this all a life matter? Or there is a larger definition of life and death both from a microcosmic perspective as well as from a symbolic philosophical perspective?

Does a life without humanity, kindness, emotions is worth living? Isn’t being alive means the ability to justify what’s right and what’s wrong? Is it a life or just a physical existence which is more a corpse inside than a being?

Similarly, what is a soul without an existence from this tangible plane but staying alive somewhere preserving the virtue that makes us alive? is that a death to be considered or an entity beyond death, an unexplainable immortality?

An inevitable sin, a suffering worse than death

What are you then?

A corpse with a beating heart? Or a pair of stone-cold eyes that hides the life in you to blend with this crowd of corpse?

What do you sick? An eternal immortality or a span to breathe before you dissolve into an infinite nothingness?

This is a game of choice. Choices for vampyre, a mortal soul but an immortal hope.

“A life with love is a life that's been lived “– Ed Sheeran

What do you think? Why I brought up this line here?

Vampire romance?

No, definitely not what you have in your mind.

This is a love tender enough to heal a bleeding wound, and warm enough to hazel a stone-cold blood eyes, and a story kind enough to lighten the exaggerated darkness of this endless nightmare. A dead flesh with a heavy heart, an immortal soul with overwhelming impulses surely can fall in love. An everlasting suffering is not strong enough to make your heart forget to beat harder around the one you love.

Instead of a mortal love for flesh and blood, let their hearts beat together for their immortal soul

Not only a metaphorical story with a stronger message of taking the right decision no matter how hard it may be, the game has more to mesmerize you.

If you are a literature person, and love literature from old time, then this game is for you. From the dialogues in cutscenes to describing facts inside your head, every conversation will give you a vintage taste in your book worm head and make you fall in love with the way the characters speak.

Dontnod did wonderful work on graphics to give you the ambiance of 1918’s London city. The way they recreated the ambiance of the devastating reflection of the Great War, World War I, the game is genuinely an obvious artwork itself.

From the architecture of the city buildings, roads, and interior decorations of houses to dressing style and conversation of the characters, this game did a perfect job to give you the flavor of 1918 and the pain of the beautiful city, London after the great war.

Feel the vibe of 1918's London street at night

This game is something more than you can expect from a game and far more than you can imagine from a vampire game.

This is a game to teach us that, every action count, every word count, and everything has its consequences.

The path you chose defines the person inside you

Once again reminding you, choose your action wisely, this defines the type of person you are.

If you haven’t played vampyr yet, then try it now. I bet It won’t disappoint you.

This game taught me a lot of things and even while writing this article I was feeling the same way I felt while I was playing this game. A game worth to play and lessons worth to take.

Feel free to like, share with your friends and comment. Do you like this article? Let me know what do you think about this game.

Until next time you can read my other articles here.

Thank you for your precious time.

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