Life Is always Strange [No Spoiler]

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Life has always surprised us in the most unexpected way and we barely remember the last time life was just as perfect as we planned. Your story may slightly differ from mine but I’m pretty sure that you must have found your life is strange, at least once in your life. Dontnod just framed that strangeness of life through its masterpiece “Life Is Strange”.

This is max trying to reverse time around her, after this only she will know about the consequences of what happens but not the world. This action requires intense concentration for her and usually left temporary mental and physical weakness on her and may some uncertain butterfly effect on the world of that timeline around her.
Max found out her ability to reverse time

This is not a masterpiece just because of its fictional concepts & superpowers instead because of keeping the story-line as simple as possible to make the game most relatable with the player’s life. Though the game has a fictional concept which brings several complexities in the game still with all these imaginary things the game never crossed the line of staying realistic. From the environment to dialogues of characters around you the game represents a perfect reality of a teenage student. Soon after starting the game she will discover her mysterious power.

Life is Strange one of the best wallpaper
A story of a simple teenage student and her friend

Her power of ability to reverse time is not implemented here to enhance your gaming experience with a super power & this game did a very good job from keeping the game from being a superhero game instead it shows how a superpower is going to affect a human being and people around the person.

Her power is shown more as an ironical desire of a human being than a supernatural ability and shows the critical consequences it lefts on you or around you .This game managed to present all these metaphors in such a simple way that without going for a deep understanding anyone would enjoy the game very much and must get a ton of valuable lessons.

For me it is not just a story of a girl with superpower and how she uses her power to help people around her or to get and give everyone a better place or a better situation than they are. To understand the deep irony in the game I must say that we often have regret for at least one decision in our life which we will never forget and we can do almost everything to change that decision and see what happen if we chose another path. Well, this is not just a desire to change a decision it is a desire to know what would happen if things would have done in a different way though sometimes, we don’t even know what consequence an alternate decision can cause. No matter how we live our life, we often reach at a point when we regret for some decisions we’ve taken. So, people always say, “no matter how hard it is, “always do the right thing. Do the thing which is right for now; cause either way we may end up regretting for doing that so why not do the right thing while we can”. And people also say live in the present, we don’t know the future, and we can only learn from past and can’t change it, So, present is the only time when we have power to decide.

Now imagine, if you have the power to change past and can even see future. Would you care for any decisions you make? I wouldn’t if I had that power. Instead I will decide anything and everything and change my decisions how many times I want, whenever I want just by going to the past.

Max's subconscious self telling her how she just told everyone what they want to listen because she already knows every consequences of her every conversations with anyone
Max's subconscious self telling her how she used her power to manipulate people

But this is not how life works and we often want to break these rules of this life.

This is where we take our power as taken as granted, not the power of changing the past or seeing the future but something that we already possess, the power of today because today is the time when you have ability to decide and change the future, but we don’t see it because we are too blind to see this.

Max's subconscious self blaming her for her actions and telling her that all she thinks about herself is just an excuse for her to do whatever she wanted
Max's subconscious self blaming her

This is my thought about the game and I always hope your thought would be different so that we can have a real good conversation about our thought. The game can definitely teach us a lot of things. It teaches us how and when to use your power if you have one and when not to.

Are we really bound to our fate and waiting for a miracle, waiting for a power to change our lives or we already have power about which we are too blind and too careless to decide the right thing TODAY? This was the major message I got from this game, What about you?

Did you play this game? If you didn’t, I would request you to give it a try please: Life Is Strange (Season 1)

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