What if the world is wrong – Detroit: Become Human [No-Spoiler]

Have you ever wondered that the world we are living in could be all going wrong?

What if the world is not something like we see it? What if the course of events is all going wrong which we are unaware of yet and we are not what we’re supposed to be?

But the thing is, we really don’t know.

We don’t really know what are we and what is our purpose.

You can say, we are just consequence of evolution and we are just different forms of carbons and our whole body is working on chemical reaction so basically, we are just a carbon-based advanced robot, working on rules of chemical reaction in our body.

Or you may say, we are robots built by another superior robots, maybe carbon-based or anything else. Or maybe built by an entity, a form of energy that molded common elements of nature like carbon into something like us. So, what if all our intelligence is also artificial, just designed by someone with far more intelligence than us. We could be an AI too with an advanced natural adoption feature.

But the problem is, we really don’t know.

So, we understand that we could be something that we are not supposed to be but somehow, we exist like this and this miracle, this ‘becoming something out of the box’ might be the reason that brought us here. Where we stand today is probably a mere consequence of some unusual event inside a ‘human-robot’ billion years ago.

Sounds confusing right?

To understand what I’m talking about we can step back for a moment and ask a simple question.

What are we?

Human? So, what is a human?

A robot? - Probably not, because…

Because we are more than a robot? We have emotions, feelings. Because we are alive but a robot is not….a robot is….

is it ‘DEAD’?


So, it's true that being alive isn’t just about skin and bone, it’s about something you can’t explain but you feel.

But if some of our systematic body can perform random events in a similar condition, Does this unpredictability of a human mind is what separates us from being a robot, isn’t it what makes us alive?

Then is it possible to design an AI so perfect to emulate human behavior, response and intelligence that they may start showing unpredictability in their behavior.

Maybe yes!

Otherwise, how to describe the fact of evolution to develop emotion inside us, inside a biological robot?

So, it is possible, does it signify the ‘being alive’ state of a robot too? Does it mean they ain’t ‘DEAD’ anymore? Looks like things like this are not that easy to understand.

Because our brain is not habituated to accept these unusual events which contradicts our lifetime experiences. But if we take a moment to think carefully, can’t we see the fact we are trying not to see but was there since the beginning.

From my point of view ‘Detroit: Become Human’ is basically a social experimental game?

About ‘what you believe’ and ‘how far would you believe’.

Because, “Reality is often stranger than fiction”

If you are still with me then I guess you are quiet convinced with the idea of unpredictability nature of a robot could be something similar of what we call ‘emotions’ today or you may call it kind of the origin of ‘emotion’.

So, I guess it’s time to understand Dertroit: Become Human.

Detroit: Become Human is a wonderful game by Quantic Dreams where you will be playing as one of the Android robots, based on different mission. This is a single player story game so if you love great stories you would definitely love this game.

As I’m not gonna discuss the story of this game to avoid spoilers I would like to discuss where Detroit is different from other ‘robot’ games.

This is not a game of robot gunfight with advance technology. Robot destroying mankind and take over the world kind of stuff.

Detroit: Become human showed where it all started, how it all began, an evolution from robotics to unpredictable emotional nature. Maybe even for us, it all started like this.

But here it’s not about human evolution but in some advance AI robot called ‘ANDROID’ made in ‘DETROIT’.

So, come shove your head in the game to understand this concept that could be something similar with what happened with our ancestors billion years ago.

Detroit: Become Human is a multiple ending games so the game story evolves depending on your action and the you made.

This game presents us two major consequences of this inevitable technical advancement:

  1. Our never-ending dependency on Technology and it’s dark side

  2. Beginning of a new age of Technology with limitless possibilities

Let’s talk about these two facts for a moment and you will get a brief understanding about this game and the basic message it’s trying to give us.

· Our never-ending dependency on Technology and it’s dark side

So, what did I mean by this? A dark side of our ever-increasing dependency on technology? Now how relevant is it here?

But it is relevant, our never-ending hunger for a more comfortable life could be pushing us to be less human and more inhuman in some way.

For me there is no direct relation between loosing humanity and getting dependent on machines. But we are smart enough to make things look like the way we want. So, basically we are being something inhuman and loosing human touch or so called ‘humanity’ maybe because we just wanted to; and we’re just blaming technologies for our insane behavioural change, just because technology helped us to achieve what we wanted. Technology never determined what we want to do with it and what we want to become. It’s us who are changing, it’s easier to blame technology because robots ain’t gonna blame us back.

We do whatever we want to do. We’re driven by our deepest desire even subconsciously and end up blaming the medium we used to achieve our insane goal.

Our desire to dominate others are being cherished because of this technical advancement, we are getting less dependent on other people than machines. And we like machines to do whatever we like because machine don’t get tired, machines don’t feel exhausted and empty time to time, machines don’t get depression and most of all we don’t have to give moral support to machines. That’s what kind of world most of us are fascinated of, a world that require no emotional support no taking care of each other, no falling in love and no need of another person to stay by side. We don’t want to understand another being, we want our job to get done. We are turning into machines because we wished for, not because of technology forced us to do.

But like every story has different perspective, and every coin has two different sides, we have different needs too. Just like someone’s need is to get the job done where someone on the other hand needs somebody to be by their side and want to be someone to them.

So, Detroit: Become Human is a story of this both side of the coin.

So, which side you want to be?

It’s almost inevitable to avoid being dependent on machines more day by day but what is not inevitable is losing human touch and killing what’s inside us. Our whole life is defined by the choices we made and the things we’ve done. We always had a choice.

· Beginning of a new age of Technology with limitless possibilities

Nowadays AI is not an unfamiliar word for us. AI camera sensor, AI apps, AI glass, AI home appliance even AI robot is not something out of the blue today. This Technology works the same way we learn about things and our surrounding. Machines are told how to react on the basis of different event and machine learns it. Yes, obviously the process is not that simple but this is the basic concept of AI so to create an AI similar to human intelligence we should teach the AI the things we do depending on different events.

If we can emulate humanity into a robot then its only matter of time we can apply this intelligence into different robots, different types of robots, for different use of us, to turn our life easier.

In this game we see, robots (Androids) even more efficient than humans due to better processing power and better mechanical strength, and they are designed advance enough that they were able to adapt the most important behavior of humans, emotions, humanity.

This is how a new age began shown in this game, humans losing their humanity after reaching the highest peak of success in the history of mankind and turning into a living corpse whereas lifeless robots turning into something, or someone by achieving the treasure of human race, emotions.

This is how it all began, in this game. And Maybe this is how we began too.

Maybe this is how humanity came to existence one day and now eventually meant to be doomed.

Today we have AI almost everywhere around us, from high above space to down to the ground we are surrounded by technologies capable of doing even harder and more complex things than we can. And from the advancement of technology in reality also, its only matter of time when simulating human emotions in an advance human like robot won’t be any difficult at all.

Now the ambiance of this game is pretty clear to you. If not then I apologies because anymore hints to this game could be a major spoiler so I’m not mentioning anymore overall story aspects instead I would like to share how beautiful the story can make you feel.

We are talking about small things that leaves major impact on our character. Like that one short conversation that inspired you to be the person you are today. It’s like that one dialogue you remember from a movie you saw, years ago or that one line you read in a book long ago but you could never forget that line. We all have something like that in our life that we’ll never forget, no matter how insignificant it is, that message will always be with you. And believe me those little things, those tiny events in our life determine who we are. Maybe we’ll never realize but those tiny things that we can never forget, have taught you something that changed you, so your heart will remember it till you die and that’s why those insignificant events become significant to us and we may never realize it at all.

I’ve played a lot of games that have changed me. I became someone different after playing those games and I never realized that on the first place but now when I look back, I can see those games as a great teacher to me indeed. Some games are not just for entertainment, some games change lives too. And some games really make me write about them and I can’t help it but love to write and share with you.

Similarly it is a great opportunity for me to meet you people who appreciate my work

Detroit: Become Human is one of those greatest of that list.


Because this game taught me why we are human, the fact most of us ignore, maybe subconsciously but we do. Being human is far bigger than this flesh and bone, being human is to be someone you can be proud of, being human is to feel alive every day and become a better version of yourself every day, every moment.

Detroit taught me a mother is not only a woman who gave birth to her child. It takes a lot more than that to be a mother.

Detroit taught me that it always takes a strong will to be a man and even stronger will to be a father. A father is a concept of idle, a believe of existence of a perfect influence, a reflection of the person you want to be. A father is lot more than an immediate ancestor.

And it’s not only your parent’s DNA that makes you a son. Son has respect for the path walked by his ancestor, his vain may not carry the same blood of his father but his soul always carries the dignity and honor for his parents. Being a son is that one first step of being a man.

And I learnt that sometimes choosing your own path is the right thing to do. Sometimes doing what your heart says is wiser than following instructions that don't make you feel alive.

Free your mind and feel alive. Being human is the second thing, being alive was always the first

. Life is more than an achievement rather it’s the journey you made.... The path you chose and the person you become.

Detroit taught me a lot more than this but here I restrict myself, the remaining path is your to walk. I bet you’ll learn a lot more by playing this game, than I’ve talked about it.

Some games were always more than just a game, and it will remain like this for ever. Sometimes little things teach us the most important fact of our life.

The path you chose and the path you are choosing today and the path you will choose in future defines who you are. We always had a choice and we still do.

If you haven’t played Detroit: Become Human yet, then try it now. I bet It would teach a lot more than you are expecting.

Feel free to like, share with your friends and comment. Do you like this article? Let me know what do you think about this game.

Until next time you can read my other articles here.

Thank you for your precious time.

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