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Updated: Jun 30, 2020

“A déjà vu is usually a glitch in the matrix. It happens when they change something”

A déjà vu is a very common incident which most of us have faced at least once in our life. It’s just a feeling about any particular incident or course of event which is actually happening for the first time but seems like it has happened before and it’s just repeating itself.

There are so many theories for what our brain could experience a déjà vu, like less sleep or high stress; but none of those are proven as absolute, those are just theories.

Dark is a web series where lots of concepts of space-time and parallel timeline was brought up. Instead of explaining the theories, here the practical possible consequences were shown in such way that made this series so interesting and hard to understand. This strangeness and invincible complexity in the story line in a commercial series was undoubtedly a daring step by Baran Bo Odar, director and story writer of dark and obviously this is what made DARK one masterpiece of all time.

First of all, if you haven’t watched ‘DARK’ yet, you can go and watch it now or you can go through this article and I bet you will be convinced at least a bit to give it a try.

I better not discuss the context of this scene in the story but it maybe true for you if you haven't seen DARK

Let’s not talk about the story, because every bit of information about the story plays a huge role in the whole story-line and disclosing a fraction of the story could be one major spoiler. Only one thing to say about the story, the story is huge, and more complex than we can hardly imagine which makes us question ourselves “is it even possible? Even theoretically!”

First of all this series contains a lots of genre but still it may not be for everyone and definitely not a piece of cake for everyone to understand. So, let’s talk about,

Is it for you? If not, then why?

The answer is your willingness, just ask yourself, how much the thought of time travel, bootstrap paradox, string theory and parallel timeline excites you? How fascinating these thoughts are for you? And obviously how far will you go to understand these? If your answer satisfies you, if your head assures you to brainstorm on these topic for days to understand every bit of concepts implemented here to show those practical consequences if time travel existed and the paradoxes too.

So, how relatable your dreams are and how far will you go to understand all these

But if you think this time travel and all these science fictions are too unrealistic and illogical for you or brainstorming for days and weeks just for sake of a web series is too much then may be its not the best choice for you.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch it, instead that means may be its not the time, may be another time, maybe you are not ready yet.

How long will it take us to understand every reason and consequences of every action around us and even the actions of our own

Finally, in one line, if you are going to watch DARK just be prepared its not like most other series and it may require you to think a lot more than you have ever imagined to do for a web series.

Is there anything we can discus without spoiling the story?

Maybe yes, and I’ll try to tell you the concepts implemented here in the series and which concepts you may cover to intake the most from this series.

We are not going to discuss a bit of the story instead it’s time to ask ourselves “What is time?”

Is it linear? Is it an absolute unit, in context of which we can measure anything in the universe? Or is it like another dimension like the 3-known dimension (Height, Width and Length)?

If it is a dimension then is it possible to travel along this dimension just like the 3 known dimensions? If possible then how? If not possible then why?

What is paradox? The consistency paradox, the bootstrap paradox. If time travel is possible then how to explain the consistency paradox and this brings the most important question, is it even possible to change the past? Is it even possible to change the future?

Is it only the past that influence the future or is it the past actually being influenced by the future? If yes then how something can be influence by something which haven’t happened yet or is it already happened? Or maybe it is happening and it will happen. For an eternity like an endless loop of past present and future influencing each other as they are all together a system as like they are all happening at the same instance of time and will happen for an eternity like an endless loop.

This concludes past present Future everything is happening now and happened before as well as will happen in the future again and it’s just being repeated over and over again and that means everything is happening in the way they happened before and will happen the same way in the future for infinite number of times. There is no end and no beginning of this loop. Like the whole loop exist in one instance of time and also for an eternity. This concludes that Nothing can be changed, everything is predetermined.

You may say, that our action makes difference and our every action leads us to a different consequence and this concludes we can change what will happen but is it really that simple or our every will every desire is predetermined and even all our actions are. It may seems like we are doing what we want but what if everything we want is predetermined.

If our desires and will are predetermined then our actions can't be free

Or everything is predetermined as well as not? Just like past present and future can exist at the same instance of time, just like light is a particle as well as wave, just like every object in the universe has its own wave and wave function and everything in our universe is a particle as well as wave then why not everything that is done is also not done at same instance of time.

Seems impossible right?

Yes, I know.

It seems as impossible as it seemed when scientists discovered light is both wave and particle at same time depending on how we observe it, depending on the type of experiment. But latter scientists had to accept this fact that light is actually a superposition of particle and wave. It also seemed impossible when De Broglie imagined what if like photon in light rays, everything in the world is a wave too and came up with this formula.

if every object has its wave nature then this is the wavelength

Latter it was observed that every particle has its wave form but its not observable physically but can be calculated only mathematically until we take a really small mass to get a larger wavelength.

This also looks as impossible as Schrödinger’s cat experiment where the cat was both dead and alive at same instance of time.

Schrödinger’s cat experiment may explain why multiple timelines may actually exist.* The cat is both dead and alive at same time which makes the cat’s state inside the box a superposition of dead and alive state until we open the box and found the cat dead or alive. It’s equivalent to any radioactive atom’s superposition of being decoyed and not decoyed at the same time. But after we open the box, we find the cat either dead or alive but what happens to the other state of the cat, superimposed with this state. And that may explain the cat is dead and alive both just in different reality in a different parallel timeline where both the timeline’s origin is same but they are no longer belongs to the same timeline and no more identical.

Schrödinger’s whole point was to show how the radioactive atom’s superposition can not only change the course of event in microscopic cosmos level but also can influence course of event in macroscopic cosmos level. And this phenomenon is not happening only in the system inside the box. Our every action is driven by our conscious or subconscious decisions made by our brain which are nothing but some chemical reactions inside our head. And all those reactions are affected by the radiation every time a radioactive atom comes to quantum a state of superposition. So, our thought, decisions could be actually influenced by the radiation of any superimposed quantum state of any radioactive atom.

Our desires, wishes are just some chemical reactions in our brain which can be influenced by radioactive radiation in a microscopic cosmos level

So, the concept of existence of parallel timeline maybe understood by Schrodinger wave function which can tell us a quantum state of a system.

The Schrödinger wave function of a wave in quantum level

Now why I brought up this great scientist in our NETFLIX web series DARK, well I don’t want to give you spoilers but Erwin Schrödinger is 100% relevant in this discussion about DARK. You must agree with me if you already have watched it and if you haven’t watched it then you will understand why I bought up this name in this discussion.

I hope you are still with me. I am not trying to scare you but I must say that if you came this far then I guess you already know what you are going to face in this series, and obviously all this things are not mandatory to know for you to watch and understand DARK still if you understand these concepts, DARK may looks far more logical and realistic to you.

Lots of questions, right? You may not get all the answers in the series or you may. Depends on the way you watch it, depend on how much you understood it and how much you want to search, think and analyse. Though this series is just a fictional story depending on some facts which are not proven right but still it brings up concepts of the most controversial topic which still makes scientists uncomfortable.

Maybe the theory shown in DARK is true or maybe not but we can never give up hope. However, our reaction after understanding all DARK wanted us to know is similar when people first heard that earth is round.

Something that seems impossible today may not impossible actually

“What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean”

* Schrödinger’s cat experiment may explain why multiple timelines can actually exist.

This topic was influenced by a video of Veritasium from Youtube: Parallel Worlds Probably Exist. Here’s Why

So, Are you going to watch DARK now?

Watch it now on NETFLIX

I rather not ask Why, but When? Or you have already seen it? Tell me, comment here what you think about these aspects discussed here.

I'll be more than happy if you want to discus more on this and I'll try to answer your questions the best I can

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