Before the storm, it’s even stranger [No-Spoiler]

A game that has no fictional concept, superpowers gunfight or racing makes what type of impression about its gaming experience to you?

Do you think a game like this is worth playing for?

What if I say yes? To be true, Life Is Strange: Before the Storm is not only a game worth playing for, it is something you will be proud to experience.

Before we start talking about the game, few points to say, this game was released as the 2nd Life Is Strange game. The first one is Life Is Strange. If you want to know about the first game you can go and check my another blog: Life Is always Strange [No Spoiler]

If you haven’t played Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, don’t worry there are no spoilers here and If you have already played it then you would be able to relate the facts I’m going to talk about.

If you are going to play Life Is Strange, I would suggest you to play the 1st game Life Is Strange, before playing Life Is Strange: Before the Storm. Though chronologically Before the Storm took place at first and then Life Is strange took place but playing the game according to the original order released by Square Enix would give you the actual flavor.

Chloe and Rachel, the definition of friendship

This is a game of zero fiction, a game with a 100% realistic story. The whole concept and story may look too realistic for a game and indeed this game did a wonderful job to give your gaming experience a whole new point of view. This type of pure realistic story for a game is not a new idea at all but still, this one will give you a glance of a life you may missing since an eternity and you don’t even have an idea about it. The name of this game proves its metaphor perfectly, it’s really strange to miss a life you may never had or long forgotten.

It’s true, Life Is so strange.

A teenage mind, too careless to think about future, yet learnt a lot latter

This is a story of two teenage girls, Chloe and Rachel. A story of two carefree immature souls knowing the world around them, together. It’s a story of their growing up.

It’s funny how we eventually lose our childhood without ever realizing what we are losing and before you know it, you are an adult already, A grown-up person with responsibilities. No matter how much you wish to get back to your immature self, this is something we never get back yet never give up hoping.

This game is a piece of the reality we belong to. This game is an interactive slideshow of the moments you always wanted to feel once more. This is a journey to your old days, to your younger self, to the wonderland of your everlasting dreams. You’ll find yourself once more, rather your younger self through the characters of this game.

Chloe and Rachel together hoping onto train feeling free, living like the last day of their life

Chloe and Rachel will take you to those days when you planned to travel the world with your best friend, when you thought you and your best friend will stay together forever just like that, when you wished for that moment to be frozen in time an eternity.

This game reminds me of those days when I used to be like them, we used to do those stuffs like they did. I bet It will make you remind the best moment of your life. This game is like a showcase of portraits, of those priceless moments of life which we want to keep with us, forever.

The friend in your every sadness is a friend more than a bliss

Do you remember the time you used to stare at the sky and fell in love with those stars? This is a story of those memories, a story you left unfinished. A story you are forgetting, but never wanted to forget.

The drama performance full of metaphors of this story

This is not just a perfect story of Chloe and Rachel; this game is full of messages which will change the way you see the world. This game is full of metaphors that will make you look again at yourself. The significance of the insignificant things in our life sometimes shows us our deepest desire we often overlook.

William talking to Chloe in her dream

It’s not just a game to play, it is a series of decisions you take and the path you choose to follow, the lesson you take from the story, the road that leads you to where you stand today, and the person you wanted to be. it's all in this game. It's all in the story.

This masterpiece is a reflection of you

It is a story of you, it is a story of me, it a story of us.

A story of everyone, a story to relive your teenage years

If you haven’t played this game, I would truly appreciate your choice if you play it. You can purchase it Life Is Strange: Before the Storm from here.

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