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        I started gaming in my early childhood and grew up playing video games as much as I could.Guess I was around 10 I had my first experiences with gaming, a harmless recreation slowly grew to a full fledged addiction while I was still in high school, and my passion for gaming eventually became an obsession for the internet and all technological things.I spent most of my life's free time on video games & PC. Tomb Raider, Wolverine, Need For Speed Underground, Call of Duty, Battlefield, IGI, Grand Theft Auto - this was all I knew. All I really, truly practiced.I went to gaming, the internet  & PC as my only solace from all of my thoughts, my perceived expectations of those around me.

        I wanted to be an artist, a scientist,an engineer.I wanted to travel the world, write and draw and read and cook and learn what nice things were and what it was to have good taste.But all i did was playing games surfing through my PC,mobile internet.Due to my own lack of self-control they became a distraction & an overall time sink.But let me be clear I do not loathe games, It’s really a case of a hobby that aligns very well with my capabilities, interests, and ideas.I love being able to interact with a story.I learned A LOT from playing them. And I would be a fool to say that it was all a waste of time.But I knew  there is more that I could do with those skills, and I realized          I was not utilizing them in a manner conducive to my own goals and aspirations.

So something had to change.So, after I got my act together, I started studying Software Engineering. It was no coincidence that a lot of my projects in college were game-inspired. I learned as much about  developing as I could, along with all the other stuff, such as programming and design.

        But I didn’t know what was coming for me as a software engineer but more or less I imagined all of it will be about PC, programming & developing and how hard  it'd be.

        At college I got the flavor how hard this engineer life'd be if I really want to be a developer & I would be doing far better if I had started preparing earlier. Still I think its never too late for the right thing so the battle is still going on for me & now I’m in last year of my University. 

        This blog is like a window of escape for me from my worries and problems, a place of sharing my story with you, my window to the world. I was never an online gamer, neither skilled or interested enough to be one.So, while I’m not exactly one yet, I’d like to call myself one. But, I’m really not. At least not yet. But, slowly and steadily, I will.This is the book of my story about my dreams, hobbies, interests & my failures too. 

        Hope you will enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy telling you my story.

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